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A & V SquiresEnvironmental

Environmental Management

A & V Squires recognises the need to positively manage the impact of its businesses processes on the environment and comply with relevant legal requirements. Environmental management is therefore embedded within our overall management processes.

A & V Squires is committed to improving their environmental performance over time to reduce our environmental impacts.

The environmental aspects that we will actively manage include:

  • Minimising the risk of pollution
  • Minimising the generation of waste and employing the waste hierarchy for resultant waste produced
  • Minimising fuel usage and wastage
  • Working with both customers and suppliers to improve our combined environmental performance
  • Providing relevant information and training to our staff and employees and
    encouraging them to support us in our overall environmental aims.

A & V Squires will review this policy regularly as part of our ongoing operations and ensure our environmental practices are maintained up to date.

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