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Equal Opportunities & Diversity

A & V SquiresEqual Opportunities & Diversity

Treat Equally & With Dignity

The equal opportunities and diversity policy of A&V Squires is to treat all employees, potential employees, customers, stakeholders and anyone else we come into contact with, equally and with dignity and respect and not to discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, disability, religious belief, age, employment status, occupation, marital status, sexual orientation or for any other reasons which cannot be shown to be justified.

Our policy is to promote equal opportunities and diversity in all aspects of our business. To help us do this we will:

  • Honour the spirit and the letter of relevant employment and equality law and codes of practice.
  • Make the only acceptable basis for decision-making in employment an objective assessment of merit and ability – whether in recruitment, promotion, training or any other aspect of employment. We will take positive steps to recruit more employees from under-represented groups.
  • Create a business environment which is free of all forms of harassment and bullying, where respect for the individual is key.
  • Ensure all our people understand their rights and obligations under our equal opportunities and diversity policy by an ongoing process of training and communication.
  • Promote equal opportunities in other organisations with whom we deal by ensuring our tendering process and, as far as possible, our contractors and suppliers actively promote equal opportunities policies. We will take appropriate, positive steps to employ more contractors from under-represented groups.
  • Promote procedures which enable employees and customers who believe we have fallen short of our equal opportunity and diversity standards to raise concerns with us so that they can be quickly and effectively resolved.
  • Check the progress of our policy statistically by regularly monitoring such matters as workforce composition, job applications, promotion, performance reviews.

Both the company and its employees may be legally liable for acts of unlawful
discrimination in some circumstances. Aside from legal liability, disciplinary action, including dismissal, may be taken against employees for serious breaches of this policy.

The director has ultimate responsibility for the implementation and application of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy but we all have a responsibility to contribute to its success.

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