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Paramount to the Work Ethic of Our Company

Policies are key to organisations operating across the construction industry and, at A & V Squires, we pay particular attention to making sure we have such directives in place. It is paramount to the work ethic of our company.

We have developed four key policies to limit our impact on the environment, ensure the wellbeing of our employees and create a safe workplace for all, both on and off site.

You can read the full documents, but here are brief content summaries;

Health and Safety Policy – we take pride in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all those involved in our work and look to eliminate potential risks, through training and risk assessments, before health is damaged or accidents occur. A & V Squires is committed to the continual improvement in health and safety performance.

Environmental Policy – the need to positively manage the impact of our business processes on the environment and comply with relevant legal requirements is at the core of all A & V Squires’ management and actions. We are committed to improving our environmental performance over time to reduce our environmental impacts.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy – we treat all employees, potential employees, customers, stakeholders and anyone else we come into contact with, equally and with dignity and respect. A & V Squires do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, disability, religious belief or for any other reasons which cannot be shown to be justified.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy – the use of alcohol or drugs is not permitted by any employee of A & V Squires. We carry out regular drugs and alcohol testing, with any positive results leading to suspension or dismissal.

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